Chu chu n' BFF Tost

Chu n' Tost

Happiness Powered Microtrain and a slice of Buttery Toasted Texas Toast

Chu is train!


Adventure MilkManMailGuy

Extraordinary Adventurer Extraordinare

MMMG is a good dudebro

Fff the cat


Mysterious Fluffy Cat

A rediculously fluffy cat, she often steals things.

Rasmus, Linus and Matsumoto

Rasmus, Linus and Matsumoto

The iBirds

The geeky birds, they like computers, electronics and engineering.

The bee thing


Mysterious Master of Disguise

Little is known about this flying... potato thing. His primary interests are making lame disguises and trying to steal Tost.

Unremarkable fellows

Steve and Carl

The Extremely Unremarkable Croc Duo

Don't really remember much of these two, don't really pay attention to 'em.

The Llamas of Mt. Rodondahongo

Microwave Llama head


Mysterious Microwave Llama

Oooo, scar on his face, microwave on his head. This guy means business.

Barbequois Llama Tribe chief

Chief Affriander

Chief of the Barbequois

Nice guy! He is nice guy that help Chu! Overall A++, good bro.

Little Llama

Little Caldo

Little Llama Bro

Chu thinks Caldo is pretty cool bro.